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National Bike Travel Weekend - To South Mountains

We decided several months ago that doing something out of the shop for National Bike Travel Weekend would be fitting. It seems that more and more folks around here are becoming interested in throwing down on their own cycling adventure. With the peaking interest we picked up a couple of new products that would aid in such an excursion includung bags from Jandd and Oveja Negra. 

After a semi-democratic process the interested party settled on South Mountains. Yes, there are somewhat closer mountainish things around but these are the closest real mountains. It only makes sense, the shop is pretty much down town. So, why not ride from the urban core of one of the biggest cities in the South East to the mountain wilderness? 

The plan was one day out, one day if kicking it at some waterfalls and maybe a little back country riding and then a day back to the city. In all it would be a self supported three day weekend with about 140 miles in total. 

Here's how it went

In the calamity of trying to get packed we managed to get a (most of the) group picture


The town of Cat Square sparing no opportunity at literalness 


Our primitive site about a mile and a half back in the park


There were some pretty good hammock and tent spots



Rolling out out South Mountains was a little easier than climbing in 


There are some nice spans of forest and farm country on the way back in

And of course the post-ride, obligatory Mexican food, conveniently next door to the Spoke Easy