Happy National Beer Day!

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On this day, in 1933, Americans celebrated their renewed ability to legally purchase and consume alcoholic beverages after 13 years of prohibition. 

The American Prohibition cultivated the rise of speakeasies around the country. Though speakeasies were synonymous with criminal activity, they arguably catalyzed small beginnings of change around progressive movements along the lines of gender equality and racial integration. Whether you were a standard bootlegger or a famous stage actress, running a speakeasy was equal parts risky and a potentially lucrative venture. Being on the other side of the law gave every speakeasy owner a dangerous, but level, playing field. "Black and Tan" jazz and cabaret clubs were the first venues to allow racially integrated crowds who only cared about the fact that they were able to drink and be entertained. 

The era of drinking alcohol in secret is long behind us but the potential for change through independent thought and open-minded discourse is limitless. We want to encourage everyone get out and enjoy a brew in good company. 

What better place to celebrate another year of the 18th Amendment being repealed than at the Spoke Easy?






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