Pref x Spoke Easy Collection


Pref x Spoke Easy Collection - Be Good, Do Good

Pref is the master of wordplay. Not the corny puns and dad jokes that you’re thinking of — Pref makes words into art. His one-of-kind style is a masterful blend of precision design, graffiti, and visual puzzle. The layered, three-dimensional pieces invite the viewer to stop and decipher meaning, rather than just glance and move on.

Pref began his career as a graffiti artist about 20 years ago. His love for the visual arts led him to the Chelsea College of Art, where he studied graphic design. In the years since, Pref has become world-famous. His pioneering art can be found in galleries, urban landscapes, and recently, collaborations with Italian fashion house Fendi and London-based YMC.

As designers, we’ve long been fans of his work. We were excited to meet Pref at Talking Walls, 2019. That year he beautified our building with a mural alongside one by our friend Obso from Talking Walls, 2018.

We are truly honored to have Pref lend his name and design genius to a few exclusive products that bear the Spoke Easy name. You can pick them up here or you can swing by the shop — we’d love to meet you