Mobile Bicycle Service

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Introducing The Spoke Easy Mobile Bicycle Repair Service Available in Uptown and in Elizabeth (Mobile Bike Fees are waived through March 01, 2017) Chantilly, Plaza Midwood & Southend coming soon!

We come to you!
($5 Mobile fee + Tuneup cost) Minor Tunes, Basic Tunes & SingleSpeed/Fixed Tunes 


We pick up your Bicycle, bring it back to our Full Service Shop, then Deliver it back to you!
($10 Mobile fee + Tuneup cost) 

Deluxe Tunes & Overhauls
We come to you!

Our Mobile Bicycle Repair Service makes The Spoke Easy the perfect choice for:
Charity Rides
Bike Club
Fleet Maintenance
Corporate Programs

In addition to Mobile Repairs, we have a Full Service Repair Department with New and Used Bikes. And we serve Beer & Wine and Food at our Elizabeth Location!