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CeramicSpeed PF4630 Bottom Bracket

CeramicSpeed PF4630 Bottom Bracket
$359.00 - $459.00
Color: Black
Series: Select series
Model: PF30/BBright/386EVO
Spindle: 30mm
Width: 79 – 92mm
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This bottom bracket is perfect for when you have a PF30, BBright, or 386EVO shell frame and want to install a crank with a 30mm spindle into the frame. All these frame standards have a 46mm inner diameter and smooth insides, though the widths vary from 68mm to 86mm.

This bottom bracket features nearly zero loss of power due to friction, thanks to the CeramicSpeed's incredibly efficient bearings. Choose either our Standard or Coated Bearings—both have super-round, super-smooth CeramicSpeed balls rolling on hardened-steel races. The Coated version has a metallic coating laid onto the races, making them even harder and smoother and resulting in longer life and lower drag. They come installed in cups.

30mm spindles on cranks are increasingly popular because of the high stiffness and low weight. 46mm inner diameter bottom brackets are popular for the freedom they offer designers in building frames. Because of the variety of widths, the cups here extend into the shell and come with a telescoping spacer tube to further seal and stiffen the system.

The bottom bracket is already stiff thanks to hard ceramic bearings and hardened-steel races. Thanks to CeramicSpeed, it also generates nearly zero drag. Standard Bearings typically have frictional drag of 0.3-0.4 watts per set. That's in the range of a 75% drag reduction versus conventional BBs. The bearings also last at least 3x longer than other bearings.

You can change the grease to fine-tune your BB's performance characteristics. TT and Track, All Round, and LongLife are greases CeramicSpeed designed. The first has the least drag, while the last is the most durable. All Round, in the middle, comes standard in road bearings.

In The Box
- 2 cups with bearings installed
- 2 1mm spacers
- 2 0.5mm spacers
- 2 dust covers
- O-ring
- Spacer tube
- 10ml All Round Grease
- Sticker sheet


Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN
Black / PF30/BBright/386EVO / Coated / 30mm / 79 – 92mm 05711050041121 105270
Black / PF30/BBright/386EVO / Standard / 30mm / 79 – 92mm 05711050041107 105269