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February 19–February 23, 2024

Theme Nights At The Spoke Easy

We're mixing it up a bit this winter, trying to keep things lively as we dive into the cold and darkness. Come join us for something fun and new! Starts nightly at 7 PM.

• Doodle On Mondays - art supplies at your disposal to get creative Cancelled for movie
• Game Night Tuesdays - bingo, the Oregon Trail, etc., + swag bags to the winner
• Easy Wednesday Night Ride - our weekly ride, mellow 10-12 miles with a pit stop
• B-Sports Thursdays - bike polo to bicycle ballet, all the obscure sports
• B-Movie Fridays - not your usual high brow movie screening, we're bringing campy back

February 19, 2024

November Bike-In Movie Night: Breaking Away

Join us on the patio for "Breaking Away" (1979) on Monday, February 19 at 7:00 pm. As always, this event is rain or shine and FREE. We’ll also have $1 off drafts for this cinematic celebration of friendship, dreams, and the freedom found on two wheels. See you there!

7:00 pm / FREE

Want to book an event or a show on our patio?

Past Events

February 11th, 2024

The Spoke Easy Superbowl Party & Chili Cook-off

Join us on February 11th, bar opens at 5pm for pregaming. Bring your favorite chili recipe to share. We will be grading vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with the crowd and celebrating the big game with cold bevvies at the bar. Will your recipe be crowned champion? Show up and stay tuned for details about awards for the winning entries.

We'll see you there!

January 13th, 2023

Elvis Karaoke Party

Come join us in belting out the tunes of the King! We will be celebrating Elvis' birthday a couple days late by singing the sweet melodies of the King's tunes loud for all to hear!

4 – 8 PM / FREE

November 26, 2023

Go Go Gary - Thanksgiving Edition

Did ya eat enough this Holiday weekend? Still hungry for something you just can't explain? Come and hang out on the patio at @thespokeeasyclt and listen to some great music. @mattydees27 @probably_will and @mrherbaltee throwing down.

DJ Dees / Tommy Pierogi / Probably Will
$5 / 21+ / 2-7 PM

November 12, 2023

Go Go Gary - Time Change

Gary is a flexible fella, and when the time changes, so does he! Please note as the days get shorter we are going to take advantage of the available light and warmth and change the time slot to 2PM-7PM Starting November 12th. Come party with us!

Aswell / Adverb / Flock of Slagles
$5 / 21+ / 2-7 PM

November 11, 2023

The Spoke Easy 12th Anniversary Party

11/11/11 marks our 12th anniversary, so come party with us on the patio on Saturday, November 11th! Come on out to @thespokeeasyclt for the celebration, including music from:

Sweat Transfer / Bravo Pueblo / Hiroshi Jaguar / DJ guests GoGoGary & Friends / Projections by Scoby Dew

FREE admission / 6 PM

October 28, 2023

Scary Hours - Park After Dark Part 2

The first show so nice, we had to do it twice! @donny__parks @nnrjackdoyo & @tsc__ent - We also got @qcfinestcatering coming out and supplying the food. It's Halloween weekend, so come out in your costumes, enjoy the vibes and rock out with us for another night to remember!

Featuring: Jack Doyo / The Social Contract / Donny Parks
$10 / 21+ / 7–11 PM

October 22, 2023

Go Go Gary - Special Halloween Edition

Residents @mattydees27 and @mrherbaltee all evening long.

DJ Dees / Tommy Pierogi
$5 / 21+ / 4-9 PM

October 14, 2023

Organized Chaos 3.0 by Bitches of Chaos

$10 / 21+ / 12 pm

Organized Chaos Scavenger Hunt is back for the third year in a row, this time to benefit @carolinaabortionfund. Come join the Chaotic Good for a chance to win some sick ass prizes from @pit_viper, @saludbeershop, @cmpm_originem, @whileodinsleeps , and more.

Teams of 3 - bring your friends or find a crew there. Minimum $10 donation to participate
Raffling off other cool shit (like a shoot with and service credits from @manevibecollective) after the event

Friday, October 13, 2023

Newtype Cycling Poker Ride

$5 / 21+ / 7 pm

Come ride on the scariest night of the year! we’re collaborating with Bitches Of Chaos for their birthday to bring a weekend full of rowdy biking events.

$5 entry benefiting the Carolina Abortion Fund. Prizes for best poker hand and best costume.

October 7, 2023

Cluck's 10th Annual Architecture Bicycle Tour

Join Cluck Design, The Spoke Easy, and AIA Charlotte for our 10th annual Architecture Month Bike Tour! We’ll start the meetup at the shop around 12:00 pm (1530 Elizabeth Ave), with the ride departing at 1:00 pm. This will be an easy ride through Charlotte with several stops at building projects that are under construction or completed. Participants must bring their own bike and helmet.

Register NOW - we only have 40 spots available.

October 1, 2023

The Getdown: End of Summer Party!

Vibes By @stacey.blackman
Food provided by Miller Catering Co.
Event brought to you by @curated_culture777
$15 / 21+ / 2-8 pm

This is a vibrant and eclectic event that captures the essence of a summer finale, combining the infectious rhythms of reggae, the soulful melodies of R&B, and the nostalgia-inducing vibes of throwback music.

In a unique twist that encourages a relaxed and communal atmosphere, attendees are invited to bring their own chairs, cards, and dominoes creating pockets of conversation and connection throughout the event.

September 30, 2023

Park After Dark 

Featuring live music by:
DJ Mike Lightz / J Milla / The Social Contract / Donny Parks
$10 / 21+ / 7–11 PM

September 20, 2023

9/20 Goldsprints Party / Head-to-head races - Pedal to the metal!

FREE / 21+ / 6:30 pm

On Wednesday, 9/20, we’ll replace our regular weekly ride with a Goldsprints party at the shop. Starting at 6:30 pm, we’ll be racing and outpacing each other for prizes and glory. $10 entry fee for anyone who wants to race.

September 16, 2023

Psych Ops “The Lie” Album Release Party

FREE / 21+ / 7 pm

They’ll be playing @psych_ops "The Lie" in its entirety and will have CDs for sale featuring this beautiful artwork by Bryan Olson. We’ll also have DJs — Tay is flying down from New York — and cake!

September 10, 2023

Go Go Gary

Featuring live music by:
Adverb / Saudade / "Slammin" Stevie P
$5 / 21+ / 4-9 PM

August 19, 2023

Welcome to the Family Presents: Scenic Route Summer

Featuring live music by:
The Dirty Low Down / American Theory / Juxton Roy / The Phantom Friends / True Lilith
$10 / 21+ / 7 PM

Featuring your friendly neighborhood noise ordinance violation and Charlotte post-hardcore outfit @thedirtylowdownband, this show is your vacation via concert. Come out to @thespokeeasyclt and jam out alongside @americantheory, @juxtonroy, @thephantomfriends, and @truelilith!

August 13, 2023

Go Go Gary

Featuring live music by:
Adverb / Fatman / "Slammin" Stevie P
$5 / 21+ / 4-9 PM

July 29, 2023

AfroPop Nation Sound System VOL. 3

Featuring live music by:
DJ's TBD, check back soon
21+ / 5-10 pm

It's about that time for another mini-block party - #YKTV it's time for the #TheAfroPopNationSoundSystem VOL. 3. It's a dope mini block-party experience with a crazy DJ lineup, international food trucks + vendors @thespokeeasyclt.

July 23, 2023

Go Go Gary

Featuring live music by:
DJ Dees / Tommy Pierogi
$5 - 21+ / 4-9 pm

@mattydees27 and @mrherbaltee will be holding down the patio all Sunday afternoon @thespokeeasyclt! We have lots of fans, cold drinks and great dance music. We'll be playing house, disco, breaks and all sorts of other stuff in between.

June 3, 2023

Featuring live music by:
Blankstate (CLT, NC) / The Asymptomatics (Athens, GA) / True Lilith (CLT, NC)
8:00 pm - $10 - 21+

@blankstate.official @asymptomatics @truelilith

May 20, 2023

Featuring live music by:
Orbiter (FL) / Majic Dust (SC) / Ego Death Machine (NC) / Bend (NC)
7:00 pm - $10 - 21+

@orbiterfl @majicdust @ego_death_machine

May 14, 2023
Go Go Gary - Mother's Day Edition

This May 14th is “bring your Mum to Gary day!” If she doesn’t want to come, then at least give her a call and tell her that’s where you will be, and that you love her. The Fast Boiz will be playing all your and her’s favorite music, at one of Charlotte’s most fun outdoor patios. Come to dance, and show your love to all the Mom’s in the world!

Featuring live music by:
Fast Boiz / Adverb / Stevie P / FZXXX
$5 - 21+ / 4-9 pm

@lee_sees_adverb_does @_f_z_x_x_x_

May 6, 2023
Slay Together Fest 

Featuring live music by:
NAC / Dumpster Service / C.I. Ape / Victim Complex / Wastoid / Jiu-Jitsu / Mercury Dimes
6:30 pm - $10 - All ages

Punk City — a lot of noise and damn good times. This city is currently being flooded with amazing new bands, and it's time to unite old school Charlotte with new school Charlotte. We aren’t here to compete. We are here to SLAY TOGETHER!

@noangercontrol @c.i.ape_loves_you @victimcomplexnc @vvastoid @jiu_jitsu_hxc @mercurydimes

April 22, 2023

Featuring live music by:
The Circus / Jackson Fig / Acid / Yukk
7:00 pm - $10 - All ages

@jacksonfigband @the._.circus_

April 20, 2023
4/20 Goldsprints Party 

Our annual 4/20 Goldsprints event will be held at the shop on Thursday, April 20th. We’ll kick things off at 6:30 pm with a $10 entry fee for anyone who wants to race. Don’t miss your chance for limited edition @thespokeeasyclt merch and all kinds of prizes.

April 15, 2023
Attend Your Own Funeral 

Featuring live music by:
Eyas/Luna / Kaizo / Circle Back / Shanked / Dead Senate
6:30 pm - $10 - All ages

Come join us on the patio for a show featuring Eyas/Luna (Seattle, WA), Kaizo (Seattle, WA), Circle Back (Charleston, SC), Shanked (Charlotte, NC) and Dead Senate (Charlotte, NC).

@eyaslunatv @kaizo.hc @circlebackhc @shankednc @deadsenate

April 14, 2023

Featuring live music by:
False Cape / True Lilith / Ink Swell / Oh You Pretty Things
6:00 pm - $10 - 21+

@falsecape @truelilith @ink.swell @oyptmusic

April 9, 2023
Go Go Gary 

Featuring live music by:
Stevie P & Adverb with special guest K.Hads
$5 - 21+ / 4-9 pm (new hours)

Mad that your Saturday will be ruined by torrential downpours and 47 degree weather? Still want to rock that sweet chilly weather gear one last time before the heat sets in? Go-Go Gary! Has you covered! It’s looking like the skies will clear this Sunday (April 9th) and we’re going to throw down as usual!

@lee_sees_adverb_does @dj_khads

March 26, 2023
Go Go Gary 

Featuring live music by:
DJ Dees / Tommy Pierogi / NA$A
$5 - 21+ / 3-8 pm

Proud to announce a monthly takeover Go Go Gary series, kicking off this Sunday with DJs @mattydees27 and @mrherbaltee. Happens the last Sunday of the month and every month will focus on a different theme. This month's theme - Italo.

March 24, 2023

Featuring live music by:
Three Body Solution / Concrete Daises / Wastoid / Seneca Burns
7:00 pm - $10 - all ages

Come join us on the patio for a stellar time with the musical creations of Three Body Solutions (Jazz), Concrete Daisies (Jazzy Punk), Wastoid (Hardcore Punk), and Seneca Burns (Pop Punk).

@wastoidtheband @senecaburns

February 26, 2023

Featuring live music by:
Peaky Beats @peakybeats
Peaky Beats Records/Shall Not Fade - Leeds, UK

Kir (Durham) / Niels / Longchild
$5 - 21+ / 3-8 pm

January 21, 2023
Heavy New Year - Metal Show 

Featuring live music by:
Forever We Roam / Reverse the Hollowing / Nexus

7:00pm - $10 in advance/ $12 at the door