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Discount applied at checkout – Does not include complete bikes, frames or car racks

The Spoke Easy is a full-service bicycle shop, bar, and independent music venue located in the Elizabeth Neighborhood of Charlotte, North Carolina. Our goal is to remove barriers to cycling and to provide beautiful and functional equipment and stellar service to our customers. 

Help support Leonard, one of our shop family!

We are fundraising for our great friend Leonard. He holds a huge spot in our community's heart and recently discovered after moving from Charlotte to St. Louis that he will need unexpected heart surgery. If you've ever met Leonard you probably know how infectious his booming laughter and snappy banter can be. We consider ourselves beyond lucky to be counted amongst his friends and family here, and we hope we can help support him through this unanticipated hurdle. If you can, please make a donation!

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$99.99 - $100.00
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Helmets and Shoes

$275.00 - $300.00
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$120.00 - $130.00

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