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Our Team

Kevin Kennedy
CEO, Co-Founder and Partner

Kevin Kennedy is the co-founder of The Spoke Easy and Cluck Design. He first discovered the unlikely pairing of these two passions as a bicycle commuter while studying Architecture at UNCC. Launching the bike shop and bar on 11.11.11 became a way to continue the exploration of design through city planning and community building. Now, through the daily operations of the shop and the social events and group rides, The Spoke Easy can explore a different perspective than Architecture: helping Charlotte grow through Infrastructure, Events and Advocacy. When he’s not designing or cycling, Kevin attends to his other favorite things: traveling and painting.

Chris Scorsone
Co-Founder and Partner

Chris Scorsone co-founded The Spoke Easy with Kevin in 2011, along with Cluck Design in 2005. While studying Architecture at University of North Carolina Charlotte in the late 1980s and early 90s, Chris filled his off hours building local bike trails and attempting to podium regional MTB races. He currently spends the majority of his time in the North Carolina mountains, and attempts to survive a couple of races a year.

Dread Fiyah
General Manager and Partner

Dread Fiyah has an extensive background in and a passion for cycling and architecture. He studied Architectural Design at Rutgers University, and has worked for both Cluck Design and The Spoke Easy since 2014. Dread started racing at 7 years old, and worked at his first bike shop when he was 16. When he’s not at The Spoke Easy, he can be found bowling two or three times a week, or spending his time outside—camping, gardening, or playing disc golf. 

Genevieve Goldner
Bar Manager/Events Manager

Genevieve Goldner began bartending at The Spoke Easy in 2015, but took over duties as the Bar and Events Manager in 2019. She has a degree in History from University of North Carolina Charlotte, and a pitbull named Waffles who is her favorite thing. In her spare time, Genevieve loves gardening, reading, listening to live music, and hanging out with friends.

Cory Slusher
Head Mechanic

Cory Slusher is the Head Mechanic at The Spoke Easy, and has spent almost his entire career working, owning, and running bicycle repair shops in Charlotte. He’s been a part of The Spoke Easy since 2015, and has an impressive resume and a love of team sports. Other than riding and maintaining bikes professionally and personally, he loves playing bike polo and kickball, and spending time with his dog Meatball.

Madison Lewis

Madison Lewis has been working on bikes since he was old enough to wield a tool. He’s been a part of The Spoke Easy team for over six years, but has spent almost a decade honing his skills in the cycling community. He specializes in riding (and fixing) BMX bikes. Madison has played music for the better part of 20 years, and currently performs in the band Comino.

Matt Crawford
Floor Manager 

Matt Crawford is a bike enthusiast and a graduate of our six-week certification program, The Spoke Easy University. He has over six years of experience in bicycle and micro-mobility maintenance, and a Bachelor degree in Creative Writing from West Virginia University. When he’s not working at the shop, Matt can be found exploring his passions for writing, psychology, and philosophy.